Four Reasons STNGR USA is the Best Choice for Quality Rifle Handguards

Jan 9th 2019

Buying aftermarket components for your firearms can be tricky business. The advent of online shopping has caused a massive proliferation of products that all lay conveniently at your fingertips. At first glance, this seems to be great news, but such a proliferation inevitably comes with a few drawbacks. For starters, you don’t always have the benefit of a salesperson to facilitate your transaction, meaning you might end up with the wrong component for your needs. But, even worse than this problem, is the issue of cheap or low quality goods that look fine…online. It can be frustrating to purchase a part for your rifle only to realize once it arrives in the mail that it’s constructed out of low-quality materials or is out of spec. These experiences rightly cause consumers to be wary when shopping for rifle components.

Luckily for you, STNGR USA aims to change all of that. We’re a growing, family-run enterprise based out of Allen, Texas that specializes in handguards for your rifle builds and outdoor gear. That means if you’re looking for a premium AR free float handguard, you’re in the right place. There are a few key things that make us stand out among the throngs of rifle parts manufacturers.

Quality Design and Materials
The most important aspect of any product is its design and construction. A lot rifle handguards that you might find online are cheap Chinese knockoffs, made from flimsy metal and machined imprecisely. The end result can be a piece that won’t fit on your rifle or one that breaks after only a short period of use. At STNGR USA, we construct our handguards out of high-quality US aluminum. All of our handguards are proudly made in the United States, because we know that there are no substitutes for excellent manufacturing. We know that once you’ve seen the way our handguards look and feel on your rifle, you won’t want to buy from anyone else.

Variety of Styles and Lengths
On top of the wonderful construction, there are a variety of designs and lengths for you to choose from, meaning you’ll find exactly the right handguard for your specific needs. Each AR free float handguard only attaches to the gun at one point, preventing barrel warping and allowing the weapon to stay cooler while firing. We carry handguards as long as 15” and as short as 7,” so those considering a pistol build can join in on the fun.

There are three styles of handguards. The RPTR ends with a quad Picatinny rail to facilitate accessories that require that type of mount. The HWK has a unique notch in the end of the guard, perfect for those who want to install a flash can to the end of the barrel. The VYPR is the simplest of the three, ending with a straight cut. Each of these three styles are available in M-LOK or KeyMod varieties, meaning you can choose exactly which accessories you want to put on your rail. At STNGR USA, we understand that not every rifle build will look the same. That’s why we offer so many options.

Honest Pricing
Perhaps the biggest selling point of STNGR USA handguards is their fantastic price compared to similar handguards. Some customers might be wary of this, assuming that the lower price means a lower quality product, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The real reason our products are priced the way they are is because we’ve cut out the middleman. Most other handguard manufacturers rely on large retailers to stock and sell their products, but in order for this relationship to work, the retailers apply a mark up to the price. At STNGR USA, we sell directly from the manufacturer to you, meaning we can pass on the savings. We know that expenses can add up when building your rifle and every dollar counts. Buying from us allows you to save without skimping on quality. We’re an industry leader in this respect, and we hope that one day other companies will join us in making Premium Products Affordable.

Excellent Customer Service
Having a premium product at an honest price is often enough to sway the hearts of customers, but we believe that just isn’t enough. What good is providing a product or service if you aren’t willing to facilitate the customers’ needs? That’s why we pride ourselves on providing customers with support throughout the life of the product. That means that you’ll receive a lifetime warranty on all handguards along with a satisfaction guarantee. If something happens to your handguard, we will fix it or replace it at no cost to you. We want to make sure that once you’ve bought from us, you remain as happy and satisfied as possible.

So stop by our site and browse our selection of handguards and other rifle accessories. Take advantage of our honest pricing and beautiful components. If you need an AR free float handguard, you need STNGR USA!