Do you offer rails in FDE, OD green or other colors?

Right now we only offer our handguards is anodized black. We've had a lot of requests for them in Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green and other colors, but the inventory/logistics aren't something we can handle at the moment. It would essentially require us to double our product line (offering all rails in FDE and anodized) and we have trouble keeping up with demand and stocking our current rails.

Hopefully as we grow and are more able to keep up with demand, we'll be able to consider adding different colorway options!


Check out other frequently asked questions below! 


Barrel Nut Questions

The first place to check if you can't find your barrel nut is the back of the handguard. It is usually pretty hard to see and easily blends in. Loosen the 2 allen bolts and tilt your handguard so the muzzle end is upwards. The barrel nut should slide out. 

If for some reason you still can't find your barrel nut after following the above steps, click the "Leave us a message" button and we will get you squared away. You can also email support at 

So the steel barrel nut is going to be stronger and can be torqued down to a higher value than the aluminum version. The steel will also last longer if you plan on torquing it down multiple times. 

The torque value for the steel is: 30-80ft/lbs while the torque range for the aluminum is: 30-60 ft/lbs

With that said, the steel (3.29 ounces) version is heavier than the aluminum (1.4 ounces). If you are going for a super lightweight build, then aluminum is your best bet. However, if you don't mind the extra weight and want the strongest option we carry, then steel is the way to go.  

Handguard Questions

So typically the tabs need to be removed with billet uppers because they are too wide for the handguard.

However, it is possible to save most of the tabs with some uppers. You still have to grind off part of the tab, however, if you remove some of the inside (instead of just taking them off all together) it will work. Basically you just need to slowly remove the inside of the tabs until they fit. Depending on your upper, this allows you to keep the tabs and allow the handguard to fit.

Yes! All of our rails will work with the Ruger AR 556 as well as any other Mil-spec direct impingement AR-15s. 

Right now we only offer our rails in anodized black. Sorry about that!

Unfortunately, bull barrels combined with their gas blocks are too wide to allow our handguards (1.35" inside diameter) to fit over and will not work. Sorry about that! 

The cut-out on the HWK rail comes back about 1.06". So the length of each rail up to where the cut-out begins would be found by subtracting 1.06" from the overall length. 


Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer rails for the AR10 platform. However, we hope to eventually offer them down the road if there is enough interest in them! 

Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer custom length handguards at this time. However, if there is a certain length you would like us to make, don't hesitate to let us know!

Our handguards have an inside diameter of 1.35". This allows cans like the Noveske Kx5 and slim KAK slim can to fit underneath them. If your suppressor has a similar diameter as the cans mentioned above, it will work. However, if it is wider then it will unfortunately not be compatible. 


We choose the projects we work on based off of popular demand. If you want us to make a suppressor friendly handguard, let us know. If there is enough interest, we will definitely consider it! 


All of our handguards are proudly 100% made in the USA from US aluminum. (This was recently verified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as one of the steps to become an accredited business).

Is there really any other way to do it?

Here is a link to our shipping policies as well as those of UPS and USPS:

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HWK M-Lok Free Float Handguard 15" - AR15/M4

Awesome product

Im 100% satisfied with choosing the vypr as my handguard. I picked this over big companies and dont regret it. For the price you cant beat it. The product is excellent and the installation is easy . Will buy again when i build another rifle

HWK KeyMod

It feels great. Easy to install. Definitely going to get another in the future.


HWK M-Lok Free Float Handguard 10" - AR15/M4