STNGR USA (pronounced Stinger) is a family run business based out of Allen, Texas and is the tactical accessories division of STNGR Industries. We started this company out of a garage in 2016 with one mission - to provide Americans with high quality premium products that they could depend on sold at a radically fair price.


We believe premium products shouldn't break the bank. 

With 6 kids, buying and upgrading accessories would almost require us to take out a second mortgage on our house. Finding quality parts was a disheartening and frustrating process.  

Buying from big name brands always made us feel like we were getting the short end of the stick - especially with handguards. We always wondered how a machined piece of aluminum could cost $200+?

More affordable options weren't much better. After the hundredth time of buying a low cost part, only to find out it was out of spec or a cheap Chinese knock off, we had had enough.

We began STNGR USA to provide Americans with honestly priced accessories and parts that they could trust under any condition at any time.

Top quality accessories shouldn't break the bank. You deserve the best at a fair price, so why do other companies not think so?

We’re a small Texas business looking to make a big impact. Through premium products, radically fair pricing, and your unbelievable support we’re on a mission to change the way accessories are bought and sold. Since 2016, we've served over 35,000 incredible Americans and we're starting a movement to make top quality affordable and free of artificial retail markups.  


Our guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase or your money back. We know how hectic day to day life truly is, which is why we make it as easy as possible to get help when you need it.

Whenever you send us an email or message, you can be certain that there is a real person on the other side ready to assist you.

We love talking and interacting with people like you, and are always willing to chat.

Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your day to be with us. We wish you the best and hope you have an amazing day!

-The STNGR USA Family