Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to compile a collection of the most commonly asked questions we get. If you can't find an answer to your question or need assistance with anything visit out contact us page and give us a call or shoot us an email.

Will my gas block work with your handguards?

How far back is the cutout on the HWK rail?

STNGR HWK Mouth Measurements

The cut-out on the HWK rail comes back about 1.06". So the length of each rail up to where the cut-out begins would be found by subtracting 1.06" from the overall length.

Do you offer a military/veteran/LEO/first responder discount?

Do You Offer Dealer Accounts?

We do! To become a dealer contact us here using the "Dealer Inquires" request type and include the following information:


1) Attach a copy of your Sales Tax Exemption Certification

2) Create an account on our store and send us the email you used to sign up


We're excited to work with you!

Version 1 & Version 2 Barrel Nuts

This article will discuss the differences between STNGR's Version 1 (V1) and Version 2 (V2) barrel nuts.  


Compared to V1 handguards, V2 handguards have had slight modifications made to:

  • The internal diameter of the handguard
  • The diameter of the barrel nut
  • The position and width of the outer groove on the barrel nut
  • The position of the tabs on the anti-slide plate

These changes were made for increased ease and efficiency of the manufacturing process and do not affect the functionality of the handguard or barrel nut.


V1 to V2 Transition Dates

This table lists the dates when the handguards switched from V1 to V2 handguards. Existing V1 stock must be used before V2 stock is released. The table will be updated as models transition from V1 to V2.


If purchased before this date, you have a V1 handguard. If on or after, you have a V2.*

15" HWK M-Lok

Before Sept 5, 2019: V1

Sept 5-Oct 21, 2019: V1 or V2. Check your original barrel nut and anti-slide plate.

On or after Oct 22, 2019: V2

13.5" HWK M-Lok

Jan 5, 2020

10" HWK M-Lok

Dec 1, 2019

7" HWK M-Lok

April 24, 2020

15" RPTR M-Lok

Dec 30, 2019

(*limited number of V1 handguards on May 27, 2020)

13.5" RPTR M-Lok

July 7, 2020

10" RPTR M-Lok

Feb 5, 2020

8.25" RPTR M-Lok

June 28, 2021

15" VYPR M-Lok

Nov 21, 2019

13.5" VYPR M-Lok

Feb 19, 2020

10" VYPR M-Lok

March 25, 2020

7" VYPR M-Lok

June 28, 2021

15" VLCN M-Lok

June 18, 2020

12" VLCN M-Lok


10" VLCN M-Lok




All Keymod handguards

ALL Keymod handguards are and will remain V1

*Please note that there can be overlap around a switch-over date, so if you purchased a particular handguard soon after its listed date, it is likely that you received a V2 handguard, but you may have received a V1. Check the barrel nut & anti-slide plate that came with your handguard (see further instructions below) to be sure.

Please note that these dates may not be applicable to blemished versions of the handguards. Check exact product specifications on blemished models for the barrel nut version.


Identifying a V1 vs a V2 Handguard

When you purchase a handguard you will receive the correct barrel nut and anti-slide plate version and you should not run into any compatibility issues. However, if you are looking to purchase a replacement barrel nut, you will need to be aware of whether you need a V1 or V2 barrel nut and anti-slide plate. The easiest way to identify which barrel nut version you need is by looking at the distinguishing features on the original barrel nut and anti-slide plate that came with your handguard.


V1 Barrel Nut and Anti-Slide Plate

The V1 handguard has an internal diameter of approximately 1.358" and its barrel nut has an outer diameter of approximately 1.358" (~34.5 mm). The V1 barrel nut has a narrow, offset groove and its compatible anti-slide plate has an offset tab. You have a V1 handguard and should choose this steel replacement barrel nut or this aluminum replacement barrel nut if these look like your original barrel nut & anti-slide plate.




V2 Barrel Nut and Anti-Slide Plate

The V2 handguard has an internal diameter of approximately 1.377" and its barrel nut has an outer diameter of approximately 1.377" (~35 mm). The V2 barrel nut has a wider, centered groove and its compatible anti-slide plate has a centered tab. You have a V2 handguard and should choose this V2 replacement steel barrel nut or this V2 aluminum replacement barrel nut if these look like your original barrel nut & anti-slide plate.




V1 vs V2 Barrel Nut Direct Comparison

Here are the steel barrel nuts side by side. V1 is on the left and V2 is on the right. 



Bottom Line

Does the anti-slide plate have a ridge in the middle of the plate or offset to the side? If the ridge is in the middle, you have a V2. If the ridge is offset, you have a V1.

Is the groove running around the circumference of the barrel nut closer to the center of the barrel nut or offset to one side? If the groove is in the middle, you have a V2. If the groove is offset to one side, you have a V1.

If you have a V1 barrel nut, you have a V1 handguard. If you have a V2 barrel nut, you have a V2 handguard.

If you have any further questions or need help identifying your handguard version, please shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help!

What do blemished handguards look like?

Blemished handguards usually result from small imperfections or errors during the manufacturing process or due to damage during shipment.

The most common blemishes are small nicks, dents, scratches, or small imperfections in the anodize or the logo. All blemishes are purely cosmetic and will not affect the functionality or structural integrity of the handguard.

This is not an exhaustive list and may not be representative of all blemished handguards we offer.

Precise Handguard Lengths and Weights

The lengths of STNGR USA handguard as listed on our website may vary slightly from their actual, exact measurements.

Below is a list of all STNGR USA handguards with their listed lengths as well as their precise lengths and weights.

Listed Length
and Model
Actual Length Actual Weight
(of the handguard alone)



15" RPTR MLOK 15.25" 11.64 Ounces
13.5" RPTR MLOK 13.5" 10.74 Ounces
10" RPTR MLOK 10" 9.06 Ounces
8.25" RPTR MLOK 8.25" 8.11 Ounces



15" HWK MLOK 15.25" at its longest points 10.19 Ounces
13.5" HWK MLOK 13.5" 9.22 Ounces
10" HWK MLOK 10" 7.47 Ounces
7" HWK MLOK 7" 6.03 Ounces



15" VYPR MLOK 15" 10.15 Ounces
13.5" VYPR MLOK 13.5" 9.38 Ounces
10" VYPR MLOK 10" 7.40 Ounces
7" VYPR MLOK 7" 5.60 Ounces



15.5" VLCN MLOK 15.5" at its longest point 10.33 Ounces
12.5" VLCN MLOK 12.5" at its longest point 8.71 Ounces
10.5" VLCN MLOK 10.5" at its longest point 7.47 Ounces

Will the Aero Precision TNW work your handguards?

All of our rail models will work with the Aero Precision TNW although it will require a conversion kit to work properly. Here is a link to one conversion kit that may work: Be sure to do your research in order to purchase the correct conversion kit for your build.

Also, here is a link to a customer TNW build using our HWK handguard:

Most Popular Compatible Rifles

  • ATI Omni Maxx rifle
  • Ruger AR-556
  • CMMG 22 LR
  • Springfield Saint AR-15
  • Smith and Wesson m&p15
  • AR-47
  • 9mm CMMG MK-9 SMG 1719
  • Bushmaster XM-15
  • S&W M&P 15-22 sport
  • S&W M&P Sport 2 5.56
  • S&W M&P15OR Optics Ready
  • Aero precision m4e1 Enhanced version is not compatible
  • SIG M400 SRP
  • Anderson 5.56 upper
  • DPMS Oracle 5.56
  • Cry Havoc Tactical QRB Takedown (but will likely require modification of the anti-rotation tabs)

This is just a list of the most popular compatible rifles. This list is not exhaustive and is being updated frequently. Our rails are compatible with mil-spec (forged upper) and direct impingement rifles.

Do you ship internationally?

What are the differences between the HWK, VYPR, RPTR & VLCN?


STNGR Handguard Comparison

Essentially, the VYPR is the simplest handguard we carry. It provides the most options for mounting accessories, and it the lightest rail we offer. The RPTR is the heaviest rail we sell but it gives you the added benefit of integrated picatinny rail sections on the front. This allows you to mount lights, bipods, etc... without having to buy any extra picatinny rail section attachments. The HWK rail is the best of both worlds. It is almost as light as the VYPR and also has an added picatinny rail at the bottom for mounting a bipod or other accessories.

We also have a really helpful quiz you can take to find the perfect handguard for your build. Check it out!: 

Do you guys have a storefront?

We are currently online only and don’t offer local pickups, or have a storefront. However, orders placed within Minnesota usually arrive super fast!


For more info on our shipping policies visit:

Why have I not received my tracking number?

Please allow 1-2 business days (M-F) after order placement for your order to ship. After your order ships, you will receive the tracking info via email. If you do not see the email in your inbox we recommend checking your spam/junk/promotions folder.

For more info on our shipping policies visit: 

Are your handguards compatible with the DOLOS system?

Are your rails compatible with bull barrels?

Will your rails work with the Ruger AR556?

Do you ship to Canada?

What modification is needed to make your handguards work with a billet upper?

Our rails are designed to work with standard mil-spec uppers. Typically the tabs need to be removed with billet uppers (or non-mil spec uppers) because they are too wide for the handguard (this is the modification we mention in the product page).

However, it is possible to save most of the tabs with some billet uppers. You still have to grind off part of the tab, however, if you remove some of the inside (instead of just taking them off all together) it will work. Basically, you just need to slowly remove the inside of the tabs until they fit around the width of the upper. Depending on your upper, this allows you to keep the tabs and allow the handguard to fit. If the upper is still too wide after taking off part of the inside of the tab, then you will have to go ahead and remove the entire tab.

Due to the way we designed the handguard, and the built-in redundancies in place, you won't lose functionality if you pursue this modification. Customers frequently make this modification without any issues to date. The anti-slide plate feature is still active which prevents sliding of the rail. You can also add blue loctite to the barrel nut which gives the same result as having the tabs, although it is not a necessity.

Can I put a suppressor underneath your rails or do you ever plan on making a suppressor friendly handguard?

Our handguards have an insider diameter of 1.35". This allows cans like the Noveske Kx5 and KAK slim can to fit underneath them. If your suppressor has a similar diameter as the cans mentioned above, it will work. However, if it is wider then it will unfortunately not be compatible.

We don't have plans for a suppressor friendly handguards. However, if there is enough interest, we will definitely consider it!

Where are your handguards made?

All of our handguards are proudly made in the USA from aluminum sourced within the USA. (This was recently verified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as one of the steps to become an accredited business).

Is there really any other way to do it?

Can I get a longer or shorter custom length handguard?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer longer or shorter custom length handguards at this time and don't have any plans to do so.

What is the difference between the steel and aluminum barrel nuts you offer?

The steel barrel nut can be torqued down to a higher value than the aluminum version. The steel will also last longer if you plan on torquing it down multiple times.

The torque value for the steel is: 30-80ft/lbs while the torque range for the aluminum is: 30-60 ft/lbs.

With that said, the steel (3.29 ounces) version is heavier than the aluminum (1.4 ounces). If you are going for a super lightweight build, then aluminum is your best bet.

Do you/will you make AR10 or 308 rails? - AR-10 / .308

Do you offer rails in FDE or other colors?

Yes, we currently offer all the STNGR handguards in FDE and ODG. Please check the respective product pages for the most up-to-date availability.

If you have suggestions for other colors you'd like to see, shoot us a message at

I want to make a return or exchange.

What is your shipping policy?

Here is a link to our shipping policies:

What is your return policy?