Armaspec Gen 4 Stealth Recoil Spring Kit for AR-15 - Carbine, H1, H2 Weights



Upgrade your AR's recoil system with Armaspec's Stealth Recoil Spring (SRS). This two-stage design eliminates the chugging noise from standard buffer springs for silent cycling. It also reduces felt recoil with its multi-spring system for a smoother shooting experience.

The C/H/H2 Kit allows tuning by providing equivalent 3.3oz, 3.8oz, and 4.7oz buffer weights. The self-contained SRS maintains constant bolt tension, eliminating the need for a spring retainer on new builds.

Reduce noise, recoil, and wear on your AR platform with this high-performance recoil upgrade.


  • Eliminates Audible Cycling Noise
  • Reduces Felt Recoil
  • Tunable Buffer Weight Equivalents
  • Self-Contained, No Retainer Needed
  • Fits AR-15 and AR-10

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