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Your First Free Float Handguard

June 27, 2018


(13.5" RPTR KeyMod Pictured) 

At STNGR USA, we know the gear and the industry inside and out. We appreciate that many of our customers may be new to the firearm world and we want to provide them with the highest quality handguards and accessories, whether they’re a seasoned gun owner or they’re just getting used to using their first firearm.

If you’re fairly new to the scene, you may have already noticed that there is a lot to learn – terminology, form, strategy, safety, maintenance – guns are an investment, so it can be overwhelming when you’re still getting the hang of it! Let us help you get started with the basics of selecting the best free float handguardfor you.

The overall purpose of using a handguard is to protect your hand from heat when firing. Handguards allow you to grip further down along the barrel, while simultaneously preventing your hand from coming in direct contact with the barrel. This makes your experience both safer and more comfortable, which allows you to use your gun longer without issue. Safety should always be the number one priority when operating a firearm, and we take that precaution very seriously for both our customers and ourselves. Safety and protection should never be sacrificed, and we invested in enough cheap, unreliable equipment to have learned that the hard way – so we want to make sure that you don’t have to!

The number-one benefit of using a free float handguard in terms of performance is increased accuracy. Traditional handguards, as you may have experienced, are prone to barrel warping – they make contact with the barrel and can warp the barrel affecting the trajectory. Even a slight change in your angle decreases the accuracy of your shot – and what is the point of shooting, if not accuracy? Our best free float handguards, however, hover or “float” above the barrel, thus avoiding any direct, and therefore potentially harmful, contact with the barrel.

Types of Handguards
Now that we have covered the basics, let’s delve into the two main mounting systems for handguards: KeyMod and M-Lok.

KeyMod free float handguards are incredibly lightweight, made with our light, American-made aluminum. These handguards allow you to attach KeyMod-compatible accessories directly to the rail, as they consist of rows of essential “keyholes” that easily allow accessories to slide in and be attached by simply screwing them on. Accessories applied to KeyMods are easily attached to the rear, narrow section of the KeyMod. Lightweight, easy, hassle-free, and incredibly user-friendly, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time user!

M-Lok free float handguards are very similar in their benefits to KeyMod handguards. The main difference is that instead of keyholes, the M-Lok free float handguards use a slot system. Accessory attachments for M-Loks are bi-directional; attachments can be applied to the front of the slot or the rear of the slot, while with KeyMods, attachments can only be applied to the rear of the KeyMod. For this reason, attaching accessories to an M-Lok free float handguard may require slightly more attention and time than attaching accessories to the KeyMod. However, both remain essentially simple and user-friendly. It’s also important to note that the USSOCOM sponsored a head to head test between M-Lok and KeyMod. The tests were conducted at NSWC-Crane and it was found that M-Lok was a more reliable mounting system than KeyMod.

Regardless of whether you choose M-Lok free float handguards or KeyMod free float handguards, you have the benefit of a lightweight solution offering hand-protection and easy attachment of accessories. It’s a win-win. Whatever your preference, we can supply you with the best free float handguard available!

Once you’ve selected your handguard, check out our current inventory of available firearm accessories!

We’re Here For You
We love to talk shop with our customers. Being the small, family-owned business that we are proud to be, we promise that you’ll reach a real, live person if you contact us, not an automated system or corporate retail answering service. Our connection with our customers means so much to us, and we love to hear from you with questions, concerns, and reviews about our products. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! We got into this business for the positives and the negatives: our love for the outdoors was no longer compatible with our repeated negative experiences buying cheap, unreliable accessories and gear from companies that didn’t seem to care about quality or their customers. So, we set out to do things differently, and we are incredibly proud to be doing just that. Join our family, join the Swarm, and join the thousands of happy customers enjoying efficient, reliable, and accurate handguards from STNGR USA today!

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