Elftmann Tactical AR 15 Service Trigger



The Elftmann Service Trigger provides an ultra-crisp, adjustable trigger upgrade for duty use on AR-15 platforms. Its unique sealed needle bearings enable an incredibly smooth, fast trigger pull.

The exclusive polished hammer spring ensures reliable ignition across all ammunition types. Pull weight is easily adjustable from 4-7 lbs without removal. The hardened tool steel and aluminum alloy construction is built to withstand hard use.

With short take-up, crisp break, and near-zero overtravel, the Service Trigger delivers precision akin to 1911-grade trigger performance in a rock-solid, user-adjustable AR drop-in package.


  • Sealed Bearing Trigger/Hammer
  • Adjustable 4-7 lb Pull Weight
  • Reliable Hammer Spring Design
  • Crisp 1911-Style Trigger
  • Drop-Safe
  • Tool Steel & Aluminum Construction
  • Made in the USA