15”+ Handguards - Extended Length

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Which is the best extended length handguard for you?

With a barrel length of 16” - 18” you should consider a handguard length of 15” or 17”. These extended length handguards in the 15” - 17” range work best because they allow clearance of muzzle brake past the end of your handguard. At STNGR we currently offer handguards in the 15", 15.25", and 15.5" range, with plans to develop longer length handguards in the future.

In addition to protecting your handguard from the heat of your barrel, an AR-15 handguard serves to maximize accuracy by minimizing barrel warp.

Here at STNGR, we offer four unique free float handguard models - the VYPR, HWK, VLCN, and RPTR - each with distinct elements designed to maximize functionality and usability.

Each STNGR handguard has vent channels machined across the handguard. These channels allow for air flow around the AR-15 barrel, and move hot air away from the barrel. By doing so, the barrel remains cool and your hands are protected from burns. These vent channels also serve to cut as much weight as possible, leaving you with an extremely lightweight handguard.

If you’re like most shooters, you have numerous M-Lok accessories you want to mount on your rifle. All STNGR handguards come with a full Mlok mounting system and gives you tons of room to mount grips, an mlok rail cover, picatinny rail sections, a bipod, or any other m-lok accessories you might need.

The unique designs of the STNGR handguards are not just functional, though. We wanted to make sure they’d stand out in a crowd - and with their cool designs, these handguards definitely do.

No matter if you’re an experienced shooter or a novice, STNGR handguards were intentionally developed to be super easy to install. With each handguard purchase, we include necessary tools and detailed install instructions. And if you ever have questions or need any help, our experienced team is on standby.

The Made in the USA STNGR handguards come in either mil-spec type III hard coat anodize or Flat Dark Earth (FDE) cerakote finishes and will perfectly match up with your upper and lower receivers.

STNGR customers have used our handguards on rifles for use in a wide range of settings, including self-defense, hunting, in the line of duty (by Law Enforcement Officers, or LEO), or at the range.

All STNGR handguards, including the 15 inch+ extended length handguards, are covered by our STNGR Lifetime Warranty.



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