KeyMod Handguards

Adding a KeyMod handguard to your AR 15 opens up a world of opportunities to connect attachments to your rifle. Our AR 15 handguards are made right here in the US. They are top-quality, engineered for abuse, relentlessly tested...and oh, they wont break the bank. We offer them in 15”, 13.5”, 10”, 8.25", and 7" lengths to offer you the variety you deserve for all of your AR 15 rifles.

A STNGR USA KeyMod handguard will take your AR 15 build to the next level, so get to building! We offer three distinct styles of handguards to accommodate your shooting preferences. Each model of our handguards offers our unique anti-slide plate feature which solves unwanted sliding. By engineering a plate that locks the handguard to the barrel nut, your handguard physically won’t be able to slide off no matter how hard you run it.

Our HWK KeyMod handguard offers an aggressive angled dual-purpose cutout to reduce weight, while still maintaining maximum strength and structural integrity. This unique look provides both form and function. In addition to the KeyMod rails, the HWK offers picatinny rail sections on the front of the handguard allowing you to mount your picatinny accessories.

Our RPTR KeyMod handguard is a perfect blend of the newer KeyMod handguard and the traditional quad rail. The RPTR offer KeyMod rails along both sides, a picatinny rail on the top, and both KeyMod and picatinny rails on the bottom. The KeyMod body of this rail serves to significantly reduce weight while allowing you to attach accessories at a much lower profile than a standard picatinny rail.

If weight is one of your main concerns for your AR 15, the VYPR KeyMod handguard is the lightest KeyMod handguard we offer. The angled design provides maximum weight reduction without sacrificing structural strength. If you want lightweight but more picatinny connectivity, you can easily add on of our KeyMod rails.